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Featured Acura Sedan Rebuilt Car/Truck Engines

We supply our to various dealers and mechanics in the Cuba, Rewey, Waukee and others areas.

On our website, you can not only find replacement Acura Sedan parts you need, but you can also locate used Acura Sedan parts and accessories at discount price.

Your Acura Sedan will be delivered to any US destination including Gifford, Berkeley, Brant and others.

You can buy V4, 1.3 L, 80 CID Used Engine, L4, 4 L, 242 CID Used Engine, V6, 3.8 L, 229 CID Rebuilt Engine or V6, 2.5 L, 2500 CC, 153 CID Used Engine from us knowing that you are getting the best quality in aftermarket replacement .

The Acura Sedan that you buy from us meet OEM certifications.

To read more about Acura Rebuilt Car/Truck Engines Store, please visit our Information page.

Description: V6, 3206 CC Used Engine
SOHC, 24 Valve, without oil cooler, cam angle sensor has male connector, water pump has 1 outlet. Does not fit GS or Coupe
Fits: 1995 Acura Sedan
Part Number: X-19
Retail Price: N/A
Discount Price: Ad Hoc

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