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Popular for their high quality and luxury cars, Cadillac automobile company was earlier a part of Henry Ford Company. Ever since it manufactured the first car, Cadillac has been known for its high quality cars. The Cadillac Motor Company had a great history - it was the first to use a distributor, power steering and a synchromesh transmission. In 1909 it was purchased by General Motors and since then it became a part of General Motors. General Motors manufactured the large luxury vehicles under its brand. As part of General Motors, it integrated a number of innovations for luxury vehicles. STS, XLR, SRX, CTS, Deville, Ext and V-series of Cadillac models are known to have maintained their tradition of great performance and high quality. 4.6L, V8 GAS, F1 make up the engine of Cadillac Deville and Eldorado.

Fuel which is burned in the Cadillac engine into energy, one-third of it gets converted into power, one-third goes out of the exhaust pipe unused, whereas the remaining becomes heat energy. In the Cadillac internal combustion engine, a cooling system becomes of utmost importance. Without a cooling system, Cadillac engine parts would melt due to the heat of the burning fuel. The Cadillac engine pistons too, would expand so much that they would be unable to move in the cylinders, leading to what is called their "seizure". The Cadillac's engine's water jacket, thermostat, water pump, Cadillac radiator and radiator cap, cooling fan, hoses, Cadillac heater core, and expansion tank make up the various parts of the engine's cooling system.

Though the Cadillac exhaust system does take away much of the heat, it is inevitable that Cadillac engine parts, such as the cylinder walls, pistons, and cylinder head would also absorb heat. This can result in lack of lubrication which can destroy the Cadillac's engine. One has to take care of the hoses and tubes so that they don't wear out and leak coolant fluid. Once the system is devoid of the coolant, the engine can no longer be cooled and will get overheated. A Cadillac fan belt is used to the water pump. Breaking of the fan belt also leads to the overheating of the engine. Any sign of coolant leak means one has to replace the Cadillac engine's cooling systems parts.

Our inventory of Cadillac engine parts makes it one of the best sites from where you can purchase them. We have online services to provide you with further details. The guarantee and warranty that we offer covers the engine parts for any manufacturer defects plus wear and tear. We also undertake to ship the Cadillac engine parts within 48 hours of processing the orders.

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Description: ACC Cabin Filter
Particulate Filter
Fits: 2002 Cadillac Seville (Engine: V8 4.6)
Is your vehicle equipped with a cabin filter? Cabin filters are generally found in one of two locations: under the hood, or under the dash board. Recommended replacement is every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or once a year. Cabin filter Benefits: Particulate Filters; Activated Charcoal Filters with 5-Layer Design = Max Performnc & Durability, Capturing larger contaminants and particles; Absorbs toxic & foul-smelling gases such as ozone, nitrogen oxide, suphur dioxide & hydro-carbons.
Part Number: R2060-149571/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $60.00
$37.95  Continue!
Wiper Blade
Description: Wiper Blade
Micro Edge, Front
Fits: 1992 Cadillac Allante (Engine: V8 4.5)
(1) Wiper insert complete w/Blade (Individually Sold) Micro Edge Excel Blade Length: 20" 500mm
Part Number: P7030-27522/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $23.20
$8.95  Continue!
Spark Plug
Description: Spark Plug
Platinum+4, FR45 NGK
Fits: 1992 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (Engine: V8 5.0)
Part Number: F1000-61924/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $9.95
$9.95  Continue!
Description: Alternator
140amp - Remanufactured, 140 Amp w/ 6-groove Pulley 1st Design
Fits: 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood (Engine: V8 5.7)
Part Number: F4000-162328/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $307.80
$151.95  Continue!
Description: Multi Rib Belt
w/ 100 Amp Alternator
Fits: 1992 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (Engine: V8 5.0)
Part Number: W1000-164421/GAT
Brand: Gates
Retail Price: $57.37
$28.95  Continue!
Description: Oil Filter
Fits: 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (Engine: V8 5.7)
Part Number: A6000-145423/KN
Brand: K&N Filters
Retail Price: $22.08
$14.95  Continue!
Description: Brake Pad Set
Premium, Front RWD only
Fits: 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (Engine: V8 5.7)
Part Number: N1010-97654/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $84.66
$41.95  Continue!
Description: Catalog
2000 Edition
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: Z2000-83895/SAC
Brand: Sachs
Retail Price: $0.95
$0.95  Continue!
Caliper Slide Lube
Description: Caliper Slide Lube
Single Application, 4oz.
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Use on drum & regular brakes. Stops squeaking noise. Lubes caliper slides.
Part Number: N1005-125270/OES
Brand: OE Service
Retail Price: $4.95
$4.95  Continue!
Description: Gasket Maker
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Transparent, solvent-free, permanently elastic, fast-hardening silicon sealing compound for sealing flat surfaces where there is a sealing gap (can also be applied to assembled components). High thermal stability from -50 to +200 Celsius (brief peak temperature).
Part Number: A8005-73018/REI
Brand: Reinz
Retail Price: $31.07
$11.95  Continue!
P/S Fluid
Description: P/S Fluid
1 Case (12 Quarts)
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Red Line? Power Steering Fluid provides much improved wear protection and resists thermal breakdown. Provides continued high pump output at high temperatures and resists evaporation and foaming at high temperatures. Suitable in most power steering units.
Part Number: 3J100-89106/RED
Brand: Red Line
Retail Price: $266.07
$136.95  Continue!
Spark Plug
Description: Spark Plug
Fits: 1993 Cadillac Deville Touring (Engine: V8 4.9)
Part Number: F1000-89174/NGK
Brand: NGK
Retail Price: $18.30
$9.95  Continue!
Description: Ignition Wire Set
Fits: 1998 Cadillac Seville STS (Engine: V8 4.6)
Part Number: F1020-129475/PST
Brand: Prestolite Wire
Retail Price: $218.84
$96.95  Continue!
Instrument Light Bulb
Description: Instrument Light Bulb
12V : 1.5W
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: P4042-142273/OES
Brand: OE Service
Retail Price: $11.25
$9.95  Continue!
Strut Assembly
Description: Strut Assembly
GR-2, Front - Left
Fits: 1988 Cadillac Cimarron (Engine: V6 2.8)
Part Number: L3000-28128/KYB
Brand: KYB
Retail Price: $167.21
$75.95  Continue!
Bulb - Instrument Light
Description: Bulb - Instrument Light
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: 4B300-18927/OSR
Brand: Osram/Sylvania
Retail Price: $3.23
$1.95  Continue!
Headlight Sealed Beam
Description: Headlight Sealed Beam
Std. Halogen
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
7" Round 12 Volt Hi/Low Beam.
Part Number: P8045-10877/OSR
Brand: Osram/Sylvania
Retail Price: $26.24
$13.95  Continue!
Description: Starter
Fits: 1999 Cadillac Concorde (Engine: V6 3.3)
Part Number: F5000-162468/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $300.04
$143.95  Continue!
Spark Plug
Description: Spark Plug
Fits: 2005 Cadillac CTS (Engine: V6 3.2)
Part Number: F1000-61763/NGK
Brand: NGK
Retail Price: $13.44
$10.95  Continue!
Description: Radiator
24mm w/EOC w/TOC
Fits: 1990 Cadillac Seville STS (Engine: V8 4.5)
Part Number: G1000-142169/DEL
Brand: Delphi
Retail Price: $1,464.75
$237.95  Continue!

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