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Chevrolet Used Transmission Store

Welcome to our used Chevrolet transmission store. We carry recycled and salvaged transmissions for Chevrolet cars and trucks. Our used transmissions inventory changes rapidly. If you do not find your Chevrolet car or truck transmission on our catalog, simply fill out our used transmission locating form and we will find it for you. We warranty all our Chevrolet used standard or automatic transmissions with a minimum 6 months to 24 months warranty depending on the particular Chevrolet unit. To continue searching our inventory, please select the model of your vehicle. View below a sample of our Chevrolet used automobile transmissions inventory.

To read more about Used Transmissions Store, please visit our Information page.

Stock Number: B162604219L
Fits: 2005 Chevy Uplander
Automatic Transmission; (internal neutral Station Wagon), AWD
Description: Automatic Transmission
3.5, AUTO, COL, AWD; (internal neutral Station Wagon), AWD, complete w/TCS
Condition: 46K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Topeka, Kansas Yard
$1,321.50  Continue
Stock Number: B159461631K
Fits: 1999 Chevy Silverado 2500
Automatic Transmission; 4x4, (6.0L)
Description: Automatic Transmission
0.0, AUTO, COL, 4X4; 6.0L, 4x4
Condition: 146K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Minneapolis, Minnesota Yard
$1,441.50  Continue
Stock Number: B155510439K
Fits: 2011 Chevy Cruze
Manual Transmission; (6 speed), opt MF3
Description: Manual Transmission
1.4, MANUAL, FLR, FWD; (6 speed), 1.4L, opt MF3
Condition: 50K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Atlanta, Georgia Yard
$716.50  Continue
Stock Number: B160231369L
Fits: 1995 Chevy Blazer
Automatic Transmission; 4x4
Description: Automatic Transmission
0.0, AUTO, COL, AWD; 4x4
Condition: 131K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Caldwell, Idaho Yard
$861.50  Continue
Stock Number: B157759883K
Fits: 2009 Chevy Traverse
Automatic Transmission; FWD
Description: Automatic Transmission
Condition: 137K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: New Orleans, Louisiana Yard
$1,681.50  Continue
Stock Number: B139397342I
Fits: 2013 Chevy Sonic
Automatic Transmission; 1.4L, RS
Description: Automatic Transmission
1.4, AUTO, FLR, FWD; (1.4L), (6 spd), FWD (opt MH8)
Condition: 24K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Tampa Or Ocala, Florida Yard
$671.50  Continue
Stock Number: B162313307L
Fits: 1997 Chevy Corvette
Manual Transmission
Description: Manual Transmission
Condition: 140K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Columbia, South Carolina Yard
$1,261.50  Continue
Stock Number: B160562202L
Fits: 1985 Chevy C10 Pickup
Automatic Transmission; 4x2, TH400, w/6 Cyl, 262 cid (4.3L)
Description: Automatic Transmission
5.0, AUTO, COL, RWD; TH400
Condition: 125K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Cumberland, Ontario Yard
$693.50  Continue
Stock Number: G95887690K
Fits: 1995 Chevy Camaro
Automatic Transmission; 6 Cyl, 207 cid (3.4L)
Description: Transmission Assembly
Condition: 55K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Upper Brookside, Nova Scotia Yard
$526.50  Continue
Stock Number: B162349931L
Fits: 1997 Chevy Express 1500
Automatic Transmission; 4L80E (opt Manual Transmission1), 5.7L
Description: Automatic Transmission
5.7, AUTO, COL, RWD; 4L80E (OPT MT1), 5.7L UTR
Condition: 122K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Grand Rapids, Michigan Yard
$941.50  Continue
Stock Number: B149207079G
Fits: 2015 Chevy City Express
Automatic Transmission
Description: Transmission Assembly
Condition: 10K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Hartford, Massachusetts Yard
$1,321.50  Continue
Stock Number: B135417661I
Fits: 1998 Chevy Prizm
Automatic Transmission; 4 speed (18 bolt transmission pan)
Description: Automatic Transmission
1.8, AUTO, FLR, FWD 3 OR 4 SPEED Automatic Transmission
Condition: 110K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Birmingham, Alabama Yard
$546.50  Continue
Stock Number: B160412796L
Fits: 1996 Chevy Astro
Automatic Transmission; AWD
Description: Automatic Transmission
RG, 4.3, AUTO, FLR, 4X4; 4X4
Condition: 121K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Denver, Colorado Yard
$866.50  Continue
Stock Number: B158156774K
Fits: 2004 Chevy Optra
Automatic Transmission
Description: Automatic Transmission
Condition: 120K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Birmingham, Alabama Yard
$616.50  Continue
Stock Number: B151904130K
Fits: 2011 Chevy Volt
Automatic Transmission
Description: Automatic Transmission
Condition: 60K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Salt Lake City, Utah Yard
$1,621.50  Continue
Stock Number: B105102357F
Fits: 1995 Chevy S10 Pickup
Manual Transmission; 4x2, 4 Cyl, 134 cid (2.2L)
Description: Manual Transmission
4X2, 4-134 (2.2L)
Condition: 119K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Phoenix, Arizona Yard
$876.50  Continue
Stock Number: B146863609G
Fits: 2014 Chevy Spark
Automatic Transmission; gasoline model
Description: Automatic Transmission
1.2, AUTO, FLR, FWD; gas model
Condition: 17K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Orlando, Florida Yard
$866.50  Continue
Stock Number: B153370745K
Fits: 2005 Chevy Equinox
Automatic Transmission; FWD (opt M09)
Description: Automatic Transmission
3.4, AUTO, FLR, FWD; opt M09
Condition: 132K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Birmingham, Alabama Yard
$641.50  Continue
Stock Number: B137142877I
Fits: 2006 Chevy HHR
Automatic Transmission; 2.2L
Description: Transmission Assembly
Condition: 132K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Little Rock, Arkansas Yard
$581.50  Continue
Stock Number: B160755119L
Fits: 1996 Chevy Beretta
Automatic Transmission; 4 Cyl, 134 cid (2.2L)
Description: Automatic Transmission
2.2, AUTO, FLR, FWD; 4-134 (2.2L), 3 spd (MD9)
Condition: 67K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Hamilton, Ontario Yard
$606.50  Continue

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