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Chrysler is a brand name in automobile industry that needs no formal introduction. Since the introduction of its first car, Chrysler Six in 1924, the company has penned a number of success stories with its quality automobiles. Chryslers are well known for its stylish looks and unmatched performance-levels. With its Aspen and Chrysler 300 models, the company already has a firm hold over the market, and these models have created a huge fan club. The secret for its stand out performance lies in its robust and efficient engines. Chrysler engines are designed efficiently to match customer's needs. However, if your Chrysler has gotten old, there are chances that it would start showing signs of wear and tear. If the problem exceeds a certain tolerance level, then its replacement with a better one is always a better solution. You can also opt for used engines, as these are obviously put lesser burden on your pocket.

Chrysler Used Engine Buying Tips

There are some necessary engine inspections you can carry out to fetch the best deal for your car. These important checks include:

  • General Checks- Before buying a used Chrysler engine, you can assess its condition by a simple observation. Just look into the engine, and see if there is any streak or oil lining in its engine assemblies. If you find these marks, then there are chances that the engine might have suffered with the problem of oil-leakage. With the help of a flashlight, just checkout for rust or excessive debris in its assemblies. Make sure that the engine parts are properly aligned, and its connecting lugs and bearings are adequately torqued. Now turn the engine on, and see if it is showing any troubles with the start. Also look out for the color and intensity of smoke from the engine.
  • Specific Checks- The most common and popular engine that Chrysler employs in its various models is, 2.7 L DOHC V6 engine. The engine is undoubtedly delivers capable performance, but it has often been reported with the problem of oil sludge. If your car has the same engine, then make sure that the engine you are buying is free from oil-sludge issues. Aged Chrysler engines have been reported with Time belt defects, so make sure that the engine's time belt is functioning well.

Apart from these checks, test drive is a good option to judge the quality of the engine you are purchasing. While driving, listen if the engine is making any unusual noises. Overheating issues of the engine must also be checked thoroughly.

Our Services

If you are tired of reading different catalogs and attending several sales representatives, for purchasing a suitable engine for your Chrysler car, then give a break to all these hassles and enjoy an altogether new experience of shopping with us. We provide you a reliable and affordable solution for your automobile related worries. We offer the best used Chrysler engines at lowest prices. We offer you one year warranty on our used Chrysler engines. Our shipment policies are devised by entirely keeping your preferences in mind. You can purchase used Chrysler engines from us and ensure peace of mind for yourself.

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Stock Number: B127123237H
Fits: 2005 Chrysler 300
2.7L (VIN T, 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
Condition: 86K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Chicago, Illinois Yard
$2,552.50  Continue
Stock Number: B103342044F
Fits: 1998 Chrysler Concorde
2.7L (VIN R), Without EGR valve
Description: Gas Engine
CT. 140, 140, 145, 150, 145, 140 D C 03/05/15
Condition: 131K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Omaha, Nebraska Yard
$1,250.50  Continue
Stock Number: B121701208H
Fits: 1999 Chrysler Town & Country
3.8L (6 Cyl, 230 cid, VIN L, 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
3.8, 6, AUTO, COL, FWD 6-230 (3.8L, VIN L) RG
Condition: 80K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Minneapolis, Minnesota Yard
$825.50  Continue
Stock Number: B126076310H
Fits: 2008 Chrysler Aspen
4.7L (VIN N, VIN P, 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
4.7, 4X4 4.7L (VIN N, VIN P, 8th digit)
Condition: 74K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Indianapolis, Indiana Yard
$2,563.50  Continue
Stock Number: B121840582H
Fits: 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager
2.4L (4 Cyl, 148 cid, VIN B)
Description: Gas Engine
2.4, 4, AUTO, COL, FWD 2.4L (4-148, VIN B), UTRR, LSS
Condition: 110K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Green Bay, Wisconsin Yard
$925.50  Continue
Stock Number: B127020429H
Fits: 2009 Chrysler Aspen
4.7L (VIN P 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
NR-150 X 8
Condition: 132K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Dallas, Texas Yard
$2,338.50  Continue
Stock Number: B127412597H
Fits: 2007 Chrysler Aspen
4.7L (VIN N, VIN P, 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
4.7, 8, AUTO, COL, 4X2 4.7L (VIN N, VIN P, 8TH DIGIT), RG
Condition: 81K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Las Vegas, Nevada Yard
$2,170.50  Continue
Stock Number: B118941283G
Fits: 2011 Chrysler 200
3.6L (VIN G, 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
3.6, 6, AUTO, FLR, FWD
Condition: 17K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Tampa Or Ocala, Florida Yard
$1,351.50  Continue
Stock Number: B126161041H
Fits: 1995 Chrysler Sebring
4 Cyl, 122 cid (2.0L, VIN Y)
Description: Gas Engine
2.0, 4, AUTO, FLR, FWD 2.0, RG
Condition: 79K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Chicago, Illinois Yard
$1,276.50  Continue
Stock Number: B127302561H
Fits: 2007 Chrysler Aspen
5.7L (VIN 2 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
5.7, AUTO, COL, 4X4 5.7L (VIN 2, 8TH DIGIT) UTR X-VCO
Condition: 95K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: St. Louis, Missouri Yard
$2,445.50  Continue
Stock Number: B113193150G
Fits: 2007 Chrysler Pacifica
4.0L (V6, VIN X, 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
4.0, 6, AUTO, FLR, FWD UTR
Condition: 98K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Akron, Ohio Yard
$1,523.50  Continue
Stock Number: D3232763H
Fits: 2006 Chrysler Crossfire
(6-3.2L), Without supercharger opt; (VIN L 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
Condition: 29K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Grand Rapids, Michigan Yard
$1,125.50  Continue
Stock Number: B124235249H
Fits: 1985 Chrysler NEW Yorker
(8 Cyl, 318 cid, 5.2L, VIN P)
Description: Gas Engine
5.2, 8, AUTO, COL, RWD (8-318, 5.2L, VIN P)
Condition: 34K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Savannah, Georgia Yard
$650.50  Continue
Stock Number: B127280944H
Fits: 2009 Chrysler Aspen
4.7L (VIN P 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
4.7, 8, AUTO, COL, 4X2 4.7L (VIN P 8th digit)
Condition: 9K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Phoenix, Arizona Yard
$2,563.50  Continue
Stock Number: B101576509F
Fits: 2004 Chrysler Crossfire
(6-3.2L, VIN L 8th digit), from 2/5/04
Description: Gas Engine
RG, TG, 200COMP, 3.2L
Condition: 94K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Topeka, Kansas Yard
$975.50  Continue
Stock Number: I87574129M
Fits: 2005 Chrysler Crossfire
(6-3.2L), w/supercharger opt, (VIN N 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
3.2, UTR, COMPS, 100-185, SCH-X
Condition: 72K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Portland, Oregon Yard
$2,451.50  Continue
Stock Number: B121546678H
Fits: 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser
(4 Cyl, 148 cid, 2.4L), Without turbo; (VIN B)
Description: Gas Engine
Condition: 91K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Bakersfield, California Yard
$1,236.50  Continue
Stock Number: B125560037H
Fits: 2000 Chrysler Neon
(SOHC, VIN C), Without EGR port
Description: Gas Engine
RG TG 170 160 160 2.0, 4, AUTO, FLR, FWD EXC. R/T AND ACR; (VIN C), Without EGR PORT
Condition: 130K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Seattle, Washington Yard
$875.50  Continue
Stock Number: B115510984G
Fits: 2011 Chrysler 300
3.6L (VIN G, 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
3.6, 6, AUTO, FLR, RWD
Condition: 66K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Tampa Or Ocala, Florida Yard
$2,226.50  Continue
Stock Number: B127016449H
Fits: 2004 Chrysler Pacifica
(3.5L, V6, VIN 4, 8th digit)
Description: Gas Engine
3.5, 6, AUTO, FLR, AWD (3.5L, V6, VIN 4, 8TH DIGIT), RG, 180/185
Condition: 106K
Warranty: 1-Year (policy)
Shipped From: Las Vegas, Nevada Yard
$1,888.50  Continue

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