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Dodge is known to be a proficient and premier manufacturer of automobiles. The company mainly undertakes production of the vehicles including sedan, heavy duty trucks, and sports utility cars. Since its foundation, the company has been able to gain a unique set of abilities thereby developing a niche for itself in such a competitive car's world. Innovation and excellent engineering are two of the qualities that encourage enthusiast motorists to pick the Dodge models.

Although every car large or small is equipped with several parts but its engine is the most significant and the busiest of all. Its performance depends on several other components including crankshaft, spark plugs, camshaft, oil filter, alternator and many more. A single defect in any of these parts can hamper efficiency of the car's engine. As for the Dodge spark plug, it commences energy into the combustion chamber thereby initiating the ignition of the compressed air and fuel mixture. It does so by producing a spark between its electrodes and resulting in production of the needed amount of heat to burn the air-fuel mixture. Moreover, responsibility of optimizing the high performance and smooth functioning of the engine also falls with the Dodge spark plugs.

Water pump is another significant part of the Dodge water cooled engine. It is driven off with the help of the water pump belt. At times, it can use the timing belt to function. A faulty water pump can cause severe consequences. Therefore, it is important to replace it after every fixed service period. Leaking shaft seal is one of the main reasons that largely contribute to water pump failure. You can inspect your Dodge water pump yourself by sliding your finger behind the water pump pulley to see if it is wet or not.

Most motorists tend to repair the spark plug by means of home techniques that are likely to reduce effectiveness as well as enhance the risk of severe consequences. Therefore, you must search for a reliable source to guarantee quality of the part. Moreover, you can consider purchasing the cost effective replacement parts in place of expensive OEM parts.

You can simplify your process to search for quality car engine parts by browsing Known to be a leading online automotive parts store, it includes everything you need to enhance performance of your vehicle ranging from OEM parts, replacement parts to used parts.

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Description: Halogen Bulb
H4 80/100W, 12v H-4 (100/80w)
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: Y4001-24071/HEL
Brand: Hella
Retail Price: $20.83
$13.95  Continue!
Radiator Hose
Description: Radiator Hose
Fits: 1993 Dodge Colt GL (Engine: L4 1.5)
Part Number: G2000-58226/GDY
Brand: Goodyear
Retail Price: $14.75
$11.95  Continue!
Instrument Light Bulb
Description: Instrument Light Bulb
12V : 1.5W
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: P4042-142273/OES
Brand: OE Service
Retail Price: $11.25
$9.95  Continue!
Description: Radiator
Fits: 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup (Engine: V8 5.9)
Part Number: G1000-171449/VIS
Brand: Visteon
Retail Price: $488.23
$228.95  Continue!
Description: Timing Belt Kit
Does not include cam. tensioner hyd. assy.
Fits: 1991 Dodge Daytona Shelby (Engine: L4 2.5)
Kit contains: Timing Belt - 4387549 Tensioner - 4315705
Part Number: A5006-160507/GAT
Brand: Gates
Retail Price: $83.25
$49.95  Continue!
Description: Oxygen Sensor
4 wire racing O2 sensor
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: C5010-36557/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $529.54
$253.95  Continue!
Description: Oxygen Sensor
OE Style 4-Wire, Front
Fits: 1991 Dodge Dakota Sport (Engine: V6 3.9)
Part Number: C5010-117237/ND
Brand: Denso
Retail Price: $86.67
$44.95  Continue!
Brake Disc
Description: Brake Disc
Front w/ 14" Wheels
Fits: 1998 Dodge Stratus ES (Engine: V6 2.5)
Part Number: N1000-124860/BRE
Brand: Brembo
Retail Price: $75.60
$39.95  Continue!
Timing Belt
Description: Timing Belt
Fits: 1996 Dodge Stealth RT Turbo (Engine: V6 3.0)
Part Number: A5000-65089
Retail Price: $176.78
$72.95  Continue!
CO Adjustment Plug
Description: CO Adjustment Plug
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: B3050-16840/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $4.33
$1.95  Continue!
Brake Pad Set
Description: Brake Pad Set
Premium, Rear w/ Rear Discs AWD
Fits: 1997 Dodge Grand Voyager SE (Engine: V6 3.0)
Part Number: N1010-91744/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $255.15
$54.95  Continue!
Spark Plug
Description: Spark Plug
Fits: 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup (Engine: V10 8.0)
Part Number: F1000-57304/NGK
Brand: NGK
Retail Price: $30.83
$15.95  Continue!
Description: Fuel Pump Assembly
pump only + screen, In-Tank - Assembly 4WD
Fits: 1991 Dodge Colt Vista (Engine: L4 2.0)
Alleged fuel pump failures can often be traced to a faulty fuel pressure regulator instead of (or in addition to) the pump itself. To avoid unnecessary warranty returns and comebacks, WORLDPAC strongly recommends testing (and, if in doubt, replacing) the fuel pressure regulator before considering the diagnosis of a faulty fuel pump to be complete and correct.
Part Number: E3000-129958/ND
Brand: Denso
Retail Price: $475.92
$261.95  Continue!
A/C O-Ring
Description: A/C O-Ring
8.9x12.9, mm
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: R1150-58808/AIR
Brand: 4-Seasons
Retail Price: $5.47
$3.95  Continue!
Description: Oxygen Sensor
Before Catalyst Left Side
Fits: 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup (Engine: V10 8.0)
Part Number: C5010-149496/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $42.49
$29.95  Continue!
Description: Alternator
90amp - Remanufactured, BMW 535I, 735I & IL Part now Obsolete
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: F4000-10017/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $561.60
$203.95  Continue!
Catalytic Converter
Description: Catalytic Converter
15.25" long, Hatchback, Sedan
Fits: 1988 Dodge Colt DL (Engine: L4 1.6)
"After-market" OBD II Catalytic Converters Not Legal for Sale in California 1995 ON
Part Number: H3000-49537/BSL
Brand: Bosal
Retail Price: $448.73
$139.95  Continue!
Oxygen Sensor
Description: Oxygen Sensor
OE Connector
Fits: 1993 Dodge Caravan SE (Engine: L4 2.5)
Part Number: C5010-33525/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $137.70
$47.95  Continue!
Description: Brake Disc
Fits: 1999 Dodge Dakota (Engine: V8 5.2)
Part Number: N1000-124836/BRE
Brand: Brembo
Retail Price: $121.77
$63.95  Continue!
Description: Alternator
120amp - Remanufactured, VW Golf (Canada)
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: F4000-133645/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $493.76
$236.95  Continue!

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