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Jaguar luxury sports car was introduced in the year 1922. It symbolizes luxury, elegance, sophistication, sporty performance, power etc. Jaguar started their company with the manufacturing of sidecars for motorcycles. A few famous Jaguar classics are XJ, XK120, XK140, XK150, and E-type. The latest models of Jaguar cars in North America are X-type, S-type, XJ and XK models. Jaguar is also a part of Ford's Premiere Automotive Group. The great success and popularity of Jaguar models is due to the unique combination of comfort, performance and smooth ride. It incorporates both the traditional as well as modern technologies.

Jaguar engine is one of the most significant components in the great performance of vehicle. The great designing of Jaguar engine leads to powerful and efficient performance. High quality auxiliary engine parts play key role in the effective performance of engine.

The major parts of combustion process are the Jaguar cylinder head, Jaguar pistons and Jaguar piston rings. Jaguar pistons are usually made up of metal and are cylindrical piece. They move upwards and downwards within the cylinder. Combustion occurs with spark, which is supplied by Jaguar spark plug to ignite air/fuel mixture. Occurrence of spark must be at accurate moment for adequate working. If Jaguar spark plug or Jaguar piston is not working adequately then you might face problem with the working of engine.

In order to maintain the performance of vehicle, you must perform a regular check up. Repairing or replacing the worn out engine part would enhance the performance of vehicle. If you are looking for high quality genuine Jaguar engine pasts then log on to Genuine Jaguar engine parts available at are available at inexpensive prices, as they are approximately 50 percent less than dealer prices. Moreover, offers a warranty coverage plan with Jaguar engine parts. has extensive range of certified OEM-style Jaguar aftermarket engine parts and Jaguar replacement parts. Installing a used Jaguar engine part instead of brand new part, will also save a lot of your money. has varied range of used Jaguar engine parts. There is no need to bother about the reliability and durability of the used Jaguar engine parts, as they are of high quality. Moreover, also offers a warranty coverage plan. If you have any query regarding the Jaguar engine parts, you may call the customer care unit. also offers significant information and tips regarding the Jaguar engine parts. So, log onto and order the required part now.

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Description: Valve Adjust Shim
Fits: 1993 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder (Engine: 5.3)
Part Number: A4020-42465
Retail Price: $10.00
$7.95  Continue!
Paper Catalog
Description: Paper Catalog
2003, ARI Steering Components
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: 2A100-90203/ARI
Brand: ARI
Retail Price: $0.95
$0.95  Continue!
Description: Fuel Filter
Fits: 2002 Jaguar V8 XK8/XKR (Engine: 4.0)
Part Number: E1000-110012/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $32.02
$17.95  Continue!
Spark Plug
Description: Spark Plug
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: F1000-118241/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $9.38
$3.95  Continue!
Valve Cover Gasket
Description: Valve Cover Gasket
Fits: 1994 Jaguar XJ6/40 - 6 Cylinder (Engine: 4.0)
Part Number: A8029-69303
Retail Price: $82.38
$43.95  Continue!
Headlight Sealed Beam
Description: Headlight Sealed Beam
Std. Halogen
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
7" Round 12 Volt Hi/Low Beam.
Part Number: P8045-10877/OSR
Brand: Osram/Sylvania
Retail Price: $26.24
$13.95  Continue!
Bulb - Headlight
Description: Bulb - Headlight
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Low Beam - 55w
Part Number: P8040-22380/OSR
Brand: Osram/Sylvania
Retail Price: $18.56
$9.95  Continue!
Description: Fuel Filter
Metal, W/ Carb
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Metal - 5/16" inlet & outlet
Part Number: E1000-89313/FOR
Brand: Forecast
Retail Price: $12.59
$5.95  Continue!
Shock Absorber
Description: Shock Absorber
Gas-a-Just, Front
Fits: 1994 Jaguar XJ6/40 - 6 Cylinder (Engine: 4.0)
Part Number: L4000-33373/KYB
Brand: KYB
Retail Price: $134.19
$62.95  Continue!
Description: Pinion Seal
Fits: 2004 Jaguar V6 S Type Sedan (Engine: 3.0)
Part Number: J7010-118422/OES
Brand: OE Service
Retail Price: $11.12
$8.95  Continue!
A/C O-Ring
Description: A/C O-Ring
8.9x12.9, mm
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: R1150-58808/AIR
Brand: 4-Seasons
Retail Price: $5.47
$3.95  Continue!
Description: Brake Disc
Fits: 2004 Jaguar V6 S Type Sedan (Engine: 3.0)
300mm Diameter
Part Number: N1000-66227/ZIM
Brand: Zimmermann
Retail Price: $124.67
$75.95  Continue!
Gloves - Small
Description: Gloves - Small
Micro One
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
100 per Box - 8.0 mils Thick - Non-textured Thicker and longer than the typical exam glove, resulting in greater Protection. Triple leached for reduced total residual proteins and chemicals. Meets proposed performance guidelines for maximum allowable protein and powder level content.
Part Number: 5C200-87135/MIC
Brand: MicroFlex
Retail Price: $15.36
$9.95  Continue!
Brake Hose
Description: Brake Hose
Front MK10
Fits: 1966 Jaguar MK 9/10 Sedan (Engine: 3.8&4.2)
Part Number: N7000-43211
Retail Price: $50.05
$21.95  Continue!
Description: Shock Absorber
Front All Wheel Drive Comfort Suspension
Fits: 2004 Jaguar V6 X Type (Engine: 3.0)
Comfort Shock/Suspension
Part Number: L4000-143113/OES
Brand: OE Service
Retail Price: $153.23
$145.95  Continue!
AT Filter
Description: AT Filter
', w/ Super Charger
Fits: 2002 Jaguar V8 XK8/XKR (Engine: 4.0)
Part Number: J5000-56367
Retail Price: $13.20
$10.95  Continue!
Description: Glass Fuse
Lucas, 35 Amp
Fits: 1987 Jaguar XJ6 - 6 Cylinder (Engine: 4.2)
Part Number: P2013-42384/OEA
Brand: OE Aftermarket
Retail Price: $0.95
$0.95  Continue!
Description: Subframe Mount
Front Cross Member
Fits: 1966 Jaguar 3.8 S Sedan (Engine: 3.8)
Part Number: L1005-42488/OEA
Brand: OE Aftermarket
Retail Price: $38.57
$27.95  Continue!
Description: Coil Spring Set
Rr - Pr, Rear - Pair W/O Adaptive Control Exc XKR Model
Fits: 2002 Jaguar V8 XK8/XKR (Engine: 4.0)
Part Number: L5001-108619/OES
Brand: OE Service
Retail Price: $399.60
$277.95  Continue!
Description: Air Rail Seal
2 Per Cylinder
Fits: 1974 Jaguar XKE Ser. 3 - 12 Cyl. (Engine: 5.3)
(o-ring) air injection rail to cylinder head
Part Number: C1032-37389
Retail Price: $5.75
$2.95  Continue!

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