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Built since 1924, MG automobiles have been engaged in production of sports utility coupes especially two seat open sports car together with trendy saloons. Currently, the company is used to assign sportier versions of other models that mainly belonged to the parent company. The model TC is known to be their first car model imported to United States. It gained immense popularity as it revolutionized the concept of American automobiles.

Being located in the engine compartment, MG alternator is mainly driven by means of the serpentine belt. Failure of your car's alternator can rob your car of its effectiveness. Generally, if voltage of the car alternator goes below 10 volts, then it can lead to an inoperable damage to the car. Thus, you should perform a charging system check after every 90, 000 miles. Your car's repair shop will be inspecting the alternator and its charging system after every regular service periods but you must ask the mechanic to ensure to verify the alternator productivity.

At times, you can repair your fault alternator by simply replacing its brushes and voltage regulator. But if it is causing excessive troubles then you are required to change the entire alternator. However, you can consider buying the MG alternator as the replacement part. Needless to say, it will save you from spending loads of dollars on expensive new one.

Shaft bearing is another part that usually fails on your coupe's alternator. In such a situation, you are likely to hear a sound of metallic bearing that is going to vary with speed of the engine. This encourages a need to replace the faulty alternator as soon as possible to avoid any surprises.

Fuel pump is another key component of the car's engine that pumps the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine followed by delivering it to either carburetor or fuel injection system. Nearly all the fuel pumps come with short service period and can be failed if you tend to run your car out of gas. Therefore, you must ensure regular check up of your MG fuel pump to maintain its effectiveness in the long run. carries all the ranges of MG car engine parts in so eliminating the need for you to search different stores to have quality parts. Being one of the best online automotive parts store, it offers you the safest online transactions together with safely delivering the part directly at your place.

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Description: Thermostat
74?C/160?F, 74?c - 165?f
Fits: Universal (Any Model)
W/O 'by-pass' hole/valve
Part Number: G4000-46229/WAH
Brand: Wahler
Retail Price: $26.99
$12.95  Continue!
Description: Side Marker Lens
Front - Right
Fits: 1980 MG MGB/MGB-GT (Engine: 1.8)
Part Number: P9023-65859/OES
Brand: OE Service
Retail Price: $17.76
$15.95  Continue!
Description: Ignition Lock Cylinder
For Ign Switch Most Models W/ Ign Switch in Dash
Fits: Universal (Any Model)
Key & tumbler
Part Number: M5040-47759/LUC
Brand: Lucas
Retail Price: $29.26
$14.95  Continue!
Spark Plug
Description: Spark Plug
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: F1000-118241/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $9.38
$3.95  Continue!
Description: Nut
10x1.0 speed nut, For All Metal Radiators
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
10x1.0 speed nut
Part Number: Y2002-56134/CSF
Brand: Cooling Systems & Flex
Retail Price: $2.23
$1.95  Continue!
Description: V- Belt
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: W1002-27651/MBL
Brand: Mitsuboshi
Retail Price: $26.50
$13.95  Continue!
Fan Clutch
Description: Fan Clutch
Friction Type (w/o fan) 1500 Only Requires UKC 759 Lock Ring
Fits: 1979 MG Midget Mk 3/4 (Engine: 1.3&1.5)
Used for fan/clutch assemblies that can be disassembled into separate fan blade & fan clutch
Part Number: G5010-16647
Retail Price: $207.63
$171.95  Continue!
Description: Clutch Slave Repair Kit
Fits: 1980 MG MGB/MGB-GT (Engine: 1.8)
Part Number: I3040-44805/AP
Brand: Automotive Products
Retail Price: $29.47
$16.95  Continue!
Cylinder Head Gasket Set
Description: Cylinder Head Gasket Set
Fits: 1979 MG Midget Mk 3/4 (Engine: 1.3&1.5)
Part Number: A8010-42377
Retail Price: $75.69
$34.95  Continue!
Bulb - Headlight
Description: Bulb - Headlight
Halogen - Cool Blue
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Hi/Low Beam - 55w/60w
Part Number: 4B400-27835/OSR
Brand: Osram/Sylvania
Retail Price: $21.30
$10.95  Continue!
Description: Thermostat
82?C/180?F (OE temp.)
Fits: 1980 MG MGB/MGB-GT (Engine: 1.8)
Part Number: G4000-18259/NTC
Brand: Nippon Thermostat
Retail Price: $18.59
$11.95  Continue!
Description: Transmission Mount
Fits: 1979 MG Midget Mk 3/4 (Engine: 1.3&1.5)
Part Number: J6000-42390
Retail Price: $14.19
$11.95  Continue!
Description: Gasket Maker
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Transparent, solvent-free, permanently elastic, fast-hardening silicon sealing compound for sealing flat surfaces where there is a sealing gap (can also be applied to assembled components). High thermal stability from -50 to +200 Celsius (brief peak temperature).
Part Number: A8005-73018/REI
Brand: Reinz
Retail Price: $31.07
$11.95  Continue!
Instrument Light Bulb
Description: Instrument Light Bulb
12V : 1.5W
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: P4042-142273/OES
Brand: OE Service
Retail Price: $11.25
$9.95  Continue!
Description: Glass Fuse
Lucas, 35 Amp
Fits: Universal (Any Model)
Part Number: P2013-42384/OEA
Brand: OE Aftermarket
Retail Price: $0.95
$0.95  Continue!
Fuel Pump
Description: Fuel Pump
OE Type, Negative Ground
Fits: 1980 MG MGB/MGB-GT (Engine: 1.8)
The AZX1307 "AFT" pump has a plastic housing. OEA type is metal based as original.
Part Number: E3000-40994/OEA
Brand: OE Aftermarket
Retail Price: $288.81
$151.95  Continue!
Description: Rubber Lubricant
1=Bag of 10 Tubes, Single Tube
Fits: Universal (Any Model)
Lube for caliper & cyl seals *Bags of 10 units*
Part Number: N3086-169638/TRW
Brand: TRW
Retail Price: $170.19
$78.95  Continue!
Fuel Pump
Description: Fuel Pump
NLA 05/05, Electric
Fits: 1979 MG Midget Mk 3/4 (Engine: 1.3&1.5)
Part Number: E3000-41709
Retail Price: $247.68
$101.95  Continue!
King Pin Bushing
Description: King Pin Bushing
Fits: 1979 MG Midget Mk 3/4 (Engine: 1.3&1.5)
Part Number: M3051-44394
Retail Price: $12.00
$5.95  Continue!
Description: Muffler
Rr, Rear, W/ Chrome Tip
Fits: 1980 MG MGB/MGB-GT (Engine: 1.8)
Part Number: H5000-44124/STA
Brand: Starla
Retail Price: $139.89
$76.95  Continue!

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