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Nissan began its operations in the year 1933 under the name Datsun. At present Nissan is a high profile Japanese company considered second only to Toyota. Since its inception it has produced a considerably extensive range of automobiles that include different makes of cars and trucks. Nissan's commitment to the innovation of vehicles in order to produce vehicles for the mass market is an indication and demonstration of their affection to the buying public. Over the years, Nissan has created and lived up to its image of credibility and outstanding reputation. They have not stopped resting on their laurels and continue to provide support to the industry by giving products and services greatly deserved by the car enthusiast.

The chances of the Nissan valve seals leaking are bright if the car only smokes grayish/white smoke at the time of start up. Nissan valve seals are meant to prevent oil from above the valve leaking into the combustion chamber. But on wearing out they allow the oil to seep into the combustion chamber and collect there until the engine is started again. It is important to replace Nissan valve seals when worn.

The Nissan timing belt turns the camshaft at exactly 1/2 the speed of the crankshaft while maintaining a precise alignment. The Nissan camshaft causes the intake and exhaust valves to open and close in time with the pistons which move up and down in the cylinders. The failure of the timing belt can cause the Nissan piston to crash into an open valve causing severe engine damage by bending valves and breaking pistons.

Even though the cooling system absorbs most of the engine's heat, at times, due to the heat, the piston can expand so much that they are unable to move in the cylinders. This is a result of the "seizure" of the pistons. Therefore, Nissan pistons and Nissan piston rings need to be replaced when worn so that lack of lubrication does not destroy the Nissan engine. Ensure to replace the worn hoses and broken tubing, because, once the coolant leaves the system the engine will no longer be cooled and would tend to overheat.

Our online catalogs provide an extensive range of Nissan engine parts which you can purchase at competitive rates. The guarantee and warranty that we offer covers the engine parts for any manufacturer defects plus any wear and tear. In order to provide ultimate customer satisfaction it is our endeavor to ship the Nissan engine parts within 48 hours of processing the order.

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Spark Plug
Description: Spark Plug
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: F1000-118241/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $9.38
$3.95  Continue!
Wiper Blade
Description: Wiper Blade
Micro Edge, Rear
Fits: 1995 Nissan Pathfinder 3.0 4WD (Engine: VG30E)
(1) Wiper insert complete w/Blade (Individually Sold) Micro-EdgeExcel - Blade Lenth: 13", 340mm
Part Number: P7030-20089/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $18.96
$11.95  Continue!
A/C R 134-A Adapter
Description: A/C R 134-A Adapter
3/16 ", High Side
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Retrofit high side to R 134-A straight service port adapter. Converts 3/16" SAE flare to R 134-A quick coupler. Use AC 59986 for 90 degree adapter.
Part Number: R1127-59347/AIR
Brand: 4-Seasons
Retail Price: $17.20
$9.95  Continue!
Catalytic Converter Gasket
Description: Catalytic Converter Gasket
cat. inlet or outlet (2 per car)
Fits: 1989 Nissan Hardbody 4WD Pup 2.4 (Engine: Z24I)
Part Number: H4000-40181/BSL
Brand: Bosal
Retail Price: $9.81
$5.95  Continue!
Description: Brake Shoe Set
Fits: 1996 Nissan Hardbody 4WD Pup 3.0 (Engine: VG30E)
Part Number: N2010-112879/MK
Brand: MK Kashiyama
Retail Price: $55.99
$47.95  Continue!
Oil Drain Plug
Description: Oil Drain Plug
W/ Gasket including gasket
Fits: 1989 Nissan Hardbody 4WD Pup 2.4 (Engine: Z24I)
Part Number: A6110-34873
Retail Price: $5.75
$3.95  Continue!
Description: Sway Bar Link Bushing
rear bar link, for all positions exc. top bushing (3 per wheel)
Fits: 1996 Nissan 300ZX 2+2 Coupe (Engine: VG30DE)
Part Number: L1031-152206/TER
Brand: Terada Kogyo
Retail Price: $5.20
$1.95  Continue!
Antenna - Manual
Description: Antenna - Manual
Universal - Telescopic HARADA ANTENNA - Black
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Key Lock, 5 Section, 39" Extension, Small Mounting Head, 48" Cable, 9 1/2" Under Fender
Part Number: 1F150-11050/HAR
Brand: Harada
Retail Price: $64.54
$26.95  Continue!
Oxygen Sensor
Description: Oxygen Sensor
w/ connector
Fits: 1989 Nissan Hardbody 4WD Pup 2.4 (Engine: Z24I)
Part Number: C5010-62963/NTK
Brand: NTK
Retail Price: $74.25
$50.95  Continue!
Acc. Belt Tension Pulley
Description: Acc. Belt Tension Pulley
for air cond. belt
Fits: 1997 Nissan Altima 2.4 XE (Engine: KA24DE)
Part Number: G6011-122037/OES
Brand: OE Service
Retail Price: $41.82
$35.95  Continue!
Oxygen Sensor
Description: Oxygen Sensor
OE Connector
Fits: 1988 Nissan Sentra 1.6 4WD Wagon (Engine: E16I)
Part Number: C5010-39008/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $197.51
$69.95  Continue!
Radiator Cap
Description: Radiator Cap
Fits: 1996 Nissan Hardbody 4WD Pup 3.0 (Engine: VG30E)
Part Number: G1010-51074/FUT
Brand: Futaba
Retail Price: $22.80
$12.95  Continue!
Description: Alternator
90amp - Remanufactured, BMW 535I, 735I & IL Part now Obsolete
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: F4000-10017/BOS
Brand: Bosch
Retail Price: $561.60
$203.95  Continue!
Description: V- Belt
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: W1002-27651/MBL
Brand: Mitsuboshi
Retail Price: $26.50
$13.95  Continue!
Anti-Seize Compound
Description: Anti-Seize Compound
100 Gram Tube
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Special assembly lubricant for threaded connections exposed to high temperatures and adverse operating conditions. Protects nuts and bolts from seizing, galling, rust, pitting and damage. Prevents corrosion between dissimilar metals, resists water and salt spray. Allows for easy, damage-free disassembly even after extended service periods. * Applications: For threaded connections subjected to high temperatures: spark plug threads, cylinder head and exhaust manifold studs and nuts, turbo-charger mounts, muffler and cataytic converter connections, durm and disc brake hardware. When applied to the back of brake pads, it stops or reduces brake squealing. 100 g
Part Number: 3G300-25739/LMO
Brand: Lubro Moly
Retail Price: $14.64
$11.95  Continue!
Bulb - Headlight
Description: Bulb - Headlight
Halogen - Longlife
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Hi/Low Beam - 45w/65w
Part Number: P8040-22377/OSR
Brand: Osram/Sylvania
Retail Price: $16.11
$8.95  Continue!
Bulb - Headlight
Description: Bulb - Headlight
Fits: Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number: 4B400-50445/OSR
Brand: Osram/Sylvania
Retail Price: $29.68
$14.95  Continue!
Brake Pad Set
Description: Brake Pad Set
Front for convertible
Fits: 1994 Nissan 240SX 2.4 DOHC (Engine: KA24DE)
Part Number: N1010-90227/SUM
Brand: Sumitomo
Retail Price: $80.99
$50.95  Continue!
Description: Brake Disc
Fits: 1998 Nissan 200SX 2.0 SE-R (Engine: SR20DE)
Part Number: N1000-57638/MTN
Brand: Mountain
Retail Price: $99.00
$54.95  Continue!
C.V. Boot Clamp Kit
Description: C.V. Boot Clamp Kit
7 x 750mm, 1 large + 1 small clamp
Fits: 1996 Nissan Hardbody 4WD Pup 3.0 (Engine: VG30E)
This kit contains 2 universal clamps: 1 for the wide boot end and 1 for the narrow boot end (use 1 kit per boot).
Part Number: K6030-91157/EMP
Brand: EMPI
Retail Price: $3.95
$3.95  Continue!

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