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Wanted used Volvo parts ads connects used Volvo parts buyers with qualified Volvo parts sellers that are interested to help our customers to locate and purchase a recycled Volvo , warranty the used part and deliver it the customer undamaged and in good condition.

If you a legitimate Volvo salvage yard, dismantler or an honest individual seller, you may submit your price quote along with the details of the part you have for sale, by clicking on the date of the listing.

If you are a buyer and interested to search for used Volvo parts, click on the Submit Auto Part Request button and follow the instructions. Your used part request will be distributed to a nationwide group of qualified Volvo salvage yards.

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Below you will find a list of most recent part requests submitted through our web site.

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1990  Volvo  740
Sedan, 4-Cyl, 2.4, Automatic-OD
Wiring Harness
Los Angeles, CA View
1997  Volvo  V90
Seat Track, Front
nyc, NY View
2000  Volvo  C70
Convertible, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Cylinder Head
Winston, OR View
2006  Volvo  S60
Mirror, Door
Driver, Titanium grey, or black. I only need the mirror cap
Austin, TX View
1991  Volvo  240
Seat, Front
Driver Front
lake worth, FL View
1996  Volvo  850
Sedan, 5-Cyl, 4-Speed-Std
Turn Signal Light
Driver, along with front bumper assy.
Columbus, OH View
2004  Volvo  V70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic
roof rails
annapolis, MD View
2002  Volvo  S60
Sedan, 5-Cyl, 4-Speed-Std
Seat, Front
Driver Front, Front driver cover if possible.
Burlington, NC View
2004  Volvo  C70
Convertible, 5-Cyl, 2.3, Automatic-OD
Seat, Front
Driver Front, driver seat full power tri code 1944
Port Charlotte, FL View
1998  Volvo  S90
Sedan, Straight-6, 2.9L, Automatic
Engine Short Block
Baton Rouge, LA View
2004  Volvo  C70
Convertible, V-8, Automatic-OD
windshield visor
San Antonio, TX View
2003  Volvo  V40
Wagon, Automatic, VIN: Yv1vw275x3f975215
Door Handle
Passenger Rear, Left rear
Wilmington, DE View
2008  Volvo  S40  Q
Sedan, 5-Cyl, 2.4I, Automatic, VIN: YV1MS382282396154
Trunklid / Decklid
Need it with good paint, black stone is the color
Allen, TX View
2008  Volvo  S40  Q
Sedan, 5-Cyl, 2.4I, Automatic, VIN: YV1MS382282396154
Need it black stone color with good paint
Allen, TX View
2000  Volvo  S80
Sedan, 2.9 non turbo, Automatic
cover cap passenger side mirror
Portsmouth, RI View
2001  Volvo  S80
Regular Cab, 5-Cyl, 5-Speed-Std
Clutch Master Cylinder
kingston, ja, __ View
1987  Volvo  240
Wagon, 4-Cyl, Automatic-OD
Seat catches and assembly for rear seat
Orlando, FL View
1985  Volvo  740
Sedan, 2.3, 4-Speed-Std, VIN: YV1DX8849F2-149310
Part Number: 1209844
Redding, CT View
2001  Volvo  C70
Convertible, Automatic
Door Front Assembly
Green, passenger door
Farmingdale, NY View
1993  Volvo  940
Wagon, 4-Cyl, Automatic-OD
Headlight Assembly
Oxford, ME View
2003  Volvo  S40
Bumper Assembly, Rear
back bumper cover
2007  Volvo  C70
Convertible, 5-Cyl, Automatic-OD
Mirror, Door
Driver, Drivers side
North Chesterfield, VA View
1999  Volvo  S80
Sedan, Straight-6, Automatic
Engine, Complete
victoria, BC View
1985  Volvo  740
Sedan, 4-Cyl, 2.3, 4-Speed-Std, VIN: YV1DX8849F2-149310
Companion Flange
volvo p/n 1209844
Redding, CT View
2002  Volvo  V70
Wagon, V-6, Automatic
Oil dipstick
Omaha, NE View
2005  Volvo  S40  Q
Sedan, 5-Cyl, 2.5, Automatic, VIN: Yv1ms682442019952
CEM (central electronic module/unit)
Part Number: 31327215, It's located in the right passengers side above feet space behind glove box
College park, MD View
1994  Volvo  940
Sedan, 4-Cyl, Automatic
Hub Cap
1994 Volvo 940 original wheel cover (15" / 10 slot)
Mechanicsburg, PA View
2002  Volvo  S80
Headlight Assembly
Driver Front
Dover, DE View
2002  Volvo  S60
Headlight Assembly
Passenger Front
Paterson, NJ View
1998  Volvo  S70
Sedan, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Headlight Assembly
Driver Front, needed both sides
Auburn Hills, MI View
1984  Volvo  242
Coupe, Automatic
Dash Panel
Looking for black door panels, must be the ones used for automatic windows. not manual window.
laporte, TX View
1996  Volvo  850
Sedan, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Grille lock pins and clips.
Cummington, MA View
1984  Volvo  760
V-6, 4-Speed-Std, VIN: YV1703622D1032632
A/C Compressor Clutch
huacho-peru, __ View
1997  Volvo  960
Sedan, Straight-6
Engine Short Block
choctaw, OK View
2006  Volvo  S80
Sedan, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Mirror, Door
Driver, VIN YV1TS592461434217 I need the whole mirror, power mirror with memory, heated, with puddle light, NOT power folding. Black
Fayetteville, NC View
1998  Volvo  S70
Sedan, 5-Cyl, 2.4, Automatic-OD
Engine, Complete
leonard, TX View
2002  Volvo  S40
VIN: YV1VS29592F807105
Black COver fuel pressure regulator
Black plastic cover that covers the fuel pressure regulator and throttle assembly. Two bolts attach to the top of the engine
Califon, NJ View
1998  Volvo  S70
Sedan, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Its the hub and bearing assembly.
Santa Cruz, CA View
2006  Volvo  XC70  Q
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Mirror, Door
Other, Both driver and passenger Door Mirrors
Vancouver, BC View
1999  Volvo  S80
Seat, Front
Driver, Dark gray
Dallas, TX View
2005  Volvo  Xc90
SUV, VIN: yv1cm592551149986
Mirror, Door
Passenger Front
Phoenix, MD View
1994  Volvo  940
Sedan, 4-Cyl, 2.3l, Automatic-OD
drivers side sun visor
San Jose, CA View
1990  Volvo  780  Q
Coupe, 4-Cyl, Automatic
Valance, Front
front valance/air dam
Orrville, OH View
1998  Volvo  S70
Sedan, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Nashua, NH View
1989  Volvo  780  Q
Coupe, 4-Cyl, Automatic, VIN: YV1HA8721KD007728
Headlight Assembly
Part Number: VOLVO 1374503, Driver, headlight assembly, left side
Remsen, NY View
2005  Volvo  S60
Mirror, Door
Passenger Front, Looking for Passenger side mirror cover in dark gray. Color code 455 Titanium Gray Pearl. Cover only.
Rolling Hills Estates, CA View
1971  Volvo  144
VIN: 1443343-232049
Ignition Switch
Do you have a switch for this application and if so, does it have a key?
Golden Valley , AZ View
1998  Volvo  V70  Q
Wagon, Automatic, VIN: YV1LW5589W3431624
Engine Oil Dipstick
Looking for 1 engine oil dipstick mine is the older model with just one washer on it
Charleston, WV View
2007  Volvo  C70
Convertible, Automatic
wind deflector
wind deflector
harrods creek, KY View
2012  Volvo  S60
Sedan, 4-Cyl, 1.600cc, Automatic
power steering pump
giza, __ View

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