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Wanted used Volvo parts ads connects used Volvo parts buyers with qualified Volvo parts sellers that are interested to help our customers to locate and purchase a recycled Volvo , warranty the used part and deliver it the customer undamaged and in good condition.

If you a legitimate Volvo salvage yard, dismantler or an honest individual seller, you may submit your price quote along with the details of the part you have for sale, by clicking on the date of the listing.

If you are a buyer and interested to search for used Volvo parts, click on the Submit Auto Part Request button and follow the instructions. Your used part request will be distributed to a nationwide group of qualified Volvo salvage yards.

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Below you will find a list of most recent part requests submitted through our web site.

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2004  Volvo  C70
Convertible, 5-Cyl, Automatic, VIN: YVINC6024J049694
Power Window Motor
Driver Side Window regulator kit with motor
indiantown, FL View
2013  Volvo  Xc90
VIN: YV4952CZ9D1668004
knob on top of shift lever
Lake Jackson, TX View
2004  Volvo  S40
Sedan, 4-Cyl, 1.9l, Automatic
liberty hill, TX View
2005  Volvo  Xc90
Sport Utility, Straight-6, Automatic-OD
Bumper Assembly, Rear
Lakewood, WA View
2005  Volvo  Xc90
Sport Utility, Straight-6, Automatic-OD
Wheel/Rim Alloy
Passenger, 18" wheel
Lakewood, WA View
2001  Volvo  V70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic-OD
Rear Suspension Assembly
rear suspension assembly complete
dallas, TX View
1995  Volvo  850
Dash Panel
San Diego, CA View
2010  Volvo  Xc90
Torque Converter
Other, I need a torque converter 70A040 for an TF80SC transmission
Miami, FL View
2001  Volvo  S60
right side door handle cover
Birmingham, AL View
2000  Volvo  C70
Convertible, 5-Cyl, .2.3 liter, 5-Speed-Std
connector between slave and master cylinder
perris, CA View
1991  Volvo  245
Wagon, 4-Cyl, 2.3 l, Automatic-OD
brake lines
phoenix, AZ View
1970  Volvo  244
Sedan, Straight-6, Automatic
Ignition Switch
1970 Volvo 164
Oceano, CA View
2004  Volvo  S40
Sedan, 5-Cyl, 2.4i, Automatic
Oil Pan
Part Number: 30777739, oilpan
san juan, __ View
2004  Volvo  S80
Sedan, Automatic
CD Player / Radio
Looking for a satellite radio
Discovery Bay, CA View
2001  Volvo  XC70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Washington, DC View
1997  Volvo  850
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic, VIN: YV1LW5549V2304101
Engine Long Block
1988  Volvo  740
Wagon, Automatic
Driver Front
cranberry , PA View
2001  Volvo  V90
Engine Computer
san diego, CA View
1993  Volvo  240
Antenna (Power)
Andover, MA View
1993  Volvo  240
Wheel Cover
Andover, MA View
2001  Volvo  S40
VIN: YV1VS29501F724578
2001  Volvo  S40
VIN: YV1VS29501F724578
Seat Belt
Driver Front
2001  Volvo  S40
VIN: YV1VS29501F724578
Windshield Glass
2006  Volvo  S40
Oil Pan
2005  Volvo  Xc90
5-Cyl, Automatic
Transfer Case Assembly
I need an angle gear assembly and coupling
Medaryville, IN View
1998  Volvo  S90
Sedan, V-6, Automatic
Stay (or Support)
Part Number: 944760, Need Volvo part 9447690 Part name: Stay connects both control arms and bolts to the frame
Racine, WI View
2004  Volvo  S60
VIN: yv1rs59v942385432
Transmission Assembly
Part Number: 55-51SN, model#55-51SN
Albuquerque, NM View
2001  Volvo  XC70
Drive Shaft, Rear
Gatineau, QC View
2007  Volvo  C70
VIN: YV1MC68237J014569
Headlight Assembly
Driver Front
Sunny isles, FL View
2002  Volvo  S60
Electronic Chassis Control Module
Passenger side door module
Trussville, AL View
2001  Volvo  S40
Sedan, 4-Cyl, 2l, 5-Speed-Std
computer box
Part Number: 30614957, vin; YVIS17K91F683979
ORAPA, __ View
2000  Volvo  S40
Sun Shade Handle
I'm looking for the sun shade handle for my car. It's the long plastic handle that goes into the sunroofs sun shade. I need it in grey (manatee).
Sumter, SC View
1998  Volvo  S70
5-Cyl, 2.4T, Automatic, VIN: YV1LS5647W2444904
Engine, Complete
Lynnwood, WA View
2004  Volvo  Xc90
SUV, 5-Speed-Std
geaar selector lever assembly gartronic
franklin square, NY View
2001  Volvo  XC70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Bumper Guard, Front
Blue Cover Needed
Hartford, CT View
2006  Volvo  XC70
Bumper Assembly, Front
arlington heights, IL View
2004  Volvo  C70
Headlight Lens
Lebanon, TN View
1984  Volvo  242
Wagon, VIN: YV1AX8859E1552753
Exhaust Part
Y Pipe
Champaign, IL View
2001  Volvo  S80
Sedan, Straight-6, Automatic
Fog Light
Driver Front, Looking for a front driver side fog light housing and passenger side for light lens.
Hollis, NH View
2004  Volvo  V70
VIN: YV1SJ52Y842411544
Spoiler, Rear
Looking for a rear wing/spoiler for a 2004 Volvo V70R
Edmonds, WA View
1998  Volvo  S90
Sedan, Straight-6, Automatic-OD
sunroof guide rails
looking for 2 sunroof rail guides for my 1998 S90
Gainesville, FL View
2004  Volvo  S40
Sedan, 4-Cyl, 1.9 T, Automatic, VIN: YV1VS27594F075418
Seat, Front
Driver Front, Driver side front seat-leather
Methuen, MA View
1999  Volvo  C70  Q
Coupe, 5-Cyl, 2.3, VIN: yv1nk5373wj004272
Tail Light
Passenger, Passengers side
champaign , IL View
1999  Volvo  C70  Q
Coupe, 5-Cyl, 2.3, VIN: yv1nk5373wj004272
Engine, Complete
champaign , IL View
1999  Volvo  C70  Q
Coupe, 5-Cyl, 2.3, VIN: yv1nk5373wj004272
Power Window Switch
Driver's. Side
champaign , IL View
2000  Volvo  V70
Driver Front, driver's side V70 wagon - 2000 - moon dust color
willoughby hills, OH View
2004  Volvo  C70
Convertible, Automatic
Passenger side tan sun visor
Phoenix, AZ View
2001  Volvo  V70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic-OD
Quarter Panel
Part Number: driver rear quarter glass, Driver Rear
dallas , TX View
2011  Volvo  S80
Other, I need 4 volvo 18in VL05 Venator Chrome wheels.
Pasco, WA View
2008  Volvo  C30
Coupe, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Fender Flare
Passenger Rear
Houston, TX View

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