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Wanted used Volvo parts ads connects used Volvo parts buyers with qualified Volvo parts sellers that are interested to help our customers to locate and purchase a recycled Volvo , warranty the used part and deliver it the customer undamaged and in good condition.

If you a legitimate Volvo salvage yard, dismantler or an honest individual seller, you may submit your price quote along with the details of the part you have for sale, by clicking on the date of the listing.

If you are a buyer and interested to search for used Volvo parts, click on the Submit Auto Part Request button and follow the instructions. Your used part request will be distributed to a nationwide group of qualified Volvo salvage yards.

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2000  Volvo  V70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic
exhaust manifold
Part Number: 9207688, exhaust manifold. manufactured in japan as stamped on the part its self part number is also stamped on part. for V70
Salt lake city , UT View
1992  Volvo  240  Q
wiper arm
I need the wiper arm, driver side, bolt on type...1992 Volvo 240 sedan. Used preferred.
greensboro, NC View
2007  Volvo  V70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, 2.5T, Automatic, VIN: YV1SW592471657195
Mirror, Door
Passenger Front, Right (Pass.) side rear view mirror, silver (light gray) color, complete; with heat, memory; power operated mirror, but MANUAL FOLDING, and NO ILLUMINATION VIN: YV1SW592471657195
Falls Church, VA View
1978  Volvo  264
1987  Volvo  244
High Mounted Stop Light
I need the housing (cover) for the high mounted brake light
Seattle, WA View
2005  Volvo  Xc90
SUV, V-6, Automatic
Mirror, Door
Part Number: 30745226, Driver
Miami, FL View
1996  Volvo  850
Sedan, 2.3, Automatic-OD
Bumper Guard, Front
Lower portion of front bumper cover or whole front bumper cover for an 850r or t5r
Saginaw, MI View
2007  Volvo  780
Cruise Speed Controller
Combination Cruise/Turn signal/Bright light switch arm
Midland, TX View
2003  Volvo  Xc90
SUV, 5-Cyl, 2.5L, 5-Speed-Std
Audio Equipment
2004  Volvo  C70
Convertible, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Cover Panel
Part Number: 9192845, Part #9192845 Black walnut center console trim
2001  Volvo  C70
Convertible, 4-Cyl, 2.4L Turbo, Automatic-OD
Seat, Front
Passenger Front
Hampton, GA View
2001  Volvo  C70
Convertible, 4-Cyl, 2.4L Turbo, Automatic-OD
Seat, Front
Driver Front
Hampton, GA View
2006  Volvo  S80
Sedan, 5-Cyl, 2.5L, Automatic, VIN: YV1TS592861434575
Bumper Assembly, Rear
Bumper cover only, with Park assist
Savage, MN View
1999  Volvo  S80
Sedan, Straight-6, 2.9L, Automatic, VIN: YV1TS97D4X1057269
Engine, Complete
North Bend, WA View
1966  Volvo  122  Q
Sedan, 4-Cyl, Automatic
Engine Cradle
Hello I am looking for an entire engine for a 1966 s122 volvo
north hollywood, CA View
2004  Volvo  C70  Q
Sun Visor
Newport Beach, CA View
2006  Volvo  Xc90
Sport Utility, 5-Cyl, 2.5 turbo, Automatic
Mirror, Door
Driver Front, Mirror for drivers side
Hebbville , NS View
1999  Volvo  XC70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, 3.5 L, Automatic
Headlight Assembly
Passenger Front
Bend, OR View
2003  Volvo  C70  Q
Convertible, 5-Speed-Std
panel and pillar
Tan door panel passenger and tan a pillar dries side
2000  Volvo  V70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Drive Shaft, Rear
Stamford, CT View
1991  Volvo  740  Q
VIN: YV1FA874XM2516661
Wake Forest, NC View
1994  Volvo  940
Haymarket, VA View
2006  Volvo  V70
Wagon, 4-Cyl, 2.0 turbo, 5-Speed-Std, VIN: YV1SW494962543404
Axle Bearing and Hub Assembly
I require a front pair of drive shaft or front axle
gadong BSB, __ View
1997  Volvo  960
Wagon, Straight-6, Automatic, VIN: YV1KW 9605V 10424 67
drivers side door gasket
Newton, NJ View
2004  Volvo  S40
Sedan, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch
Hoboken , NJ View
1998  Volvo  S90
Electrical Switch
Part Number: 9128280, 9128280 Master switch pack
Kissimmee, FL View
2004  Volvo  S40
Engine, Complete
South Orange , NJ View
2004  Volvo  S40
Overhead console
need to replace the overhead console with reading lights
Durham, NC View
1991  Volvo  240  Q
Sedan, 4-Cyl, Automatic
Driver, Need the housing unit,
Ypsilanti, MI View
1994  Volvo  940
Wagon, 4-Cyl, Automatic-OD
wareham, MA View
2005  Volvo  S40
Sedan, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Front lower valance
Part Number: 306558784
Olympia Fields, IL View
2004  Volvo  S40
overhead console
2004 s40 overhead console sunroof switch lights
tucker, GA View
2008  Volvo  C70
Convertible, 5-Cyl, 2.5 l, Automatic, VIN: YV1MC67268J041817
Wheel/Rim Alloy
Passenger, 18" Mirzam wheels (need two)
Columbus, IN View
2004  Volvo  XC90
Truck, Automatic-OD
CD Player / Radio
Brooklyn, NY View
1999  Volvo  C70  Q
Coupe, 5-Cyl, Automatic, VIN: yv1nk56d9xj013786
interior driver side door panel
light tan/ sandy brown color
columbus , OH View
2004  Volvo  C70  Q
Convertible, 5-Cyl, 4-Speed-Std, VIN: YV1NC62D04J049029
passenger side sun visor tan
Dallas, TX View
2011  Volvo  Xc90
SUV, Straight-6, Automatic
front console
entire console for the center of truck between seats.
chicago, IL View
2000  Volvo  S80
Straight-6, 2.9, VIN: YV1TS94D6Y1095446
Engine, Complete
Maryville, TN View
1974  Volvo  164
Sedan, Straight-6, 182 C.I., 2978 CC, Other
Bare engine block
Need a Volvo 164 bare B30 block. Any year from 1968 to 1975. No cracks, no warp; must have good journals. Standard bore dimensions is best; will take a block suitable for a re-sleeve.
Gilbert, AZ View
1969  Volvo  144
Sedan, inline 4, Automatic
Ignition Module
Need a working new/used part with matching key
morton grove, IL View
2005  Volvo  XC70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Milwaukee, WI View
2005  Volvo  XC70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Milwaukee, WI View
1998  Volvo  S70
Sedan, 5-Cyl, Automatic
Silver code 426
Newbury Park, CA View
1992  Volvo  240
Sedan, 4-Cyl, Automatic
Backing plates
Right and left
Natick. Massachusetts, MA View
2003  Volvo  S80
ABS s80 2003 control module
Modesto, CA View
2004  Volvo  S40
Passenger side door
Hermitage, PA View
2004  Volvo  V70
Wagon, VIN: YV1SW59V042358979
fuel pump control module
Part Number: 30636431, fuel pump control module located on top front corner of fuel tank
Urbana, IL View
1988  Volvo  240
Coupe, 4-Cyl, Automatic
Electrical Switch
Instrument panel lamps rheostat
Niceville, FL View
2002  Volvo  S60  Q
Passenger Front, Volvo 01-07 S60/V70 Left and Right front fenders needed. No big dents, otherwise condition flexible. Platinum Green Metallic (449)
San Mateo, CA View
2002  Volvo  S60  Q
Driver Front, 01-07 Volvo S60/V70 Left and Right front fenders needed, no big dents, otherwise condition flexible. Platinum Green Metallic (449)
San Mateo, CA View

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